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Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia


Areas of Research Interest in
Computer Engineering


Computer Architecture and Systems

Computer Architecture and Systems - Khan
Memory Systems Research
 - Khan
Non-Volaitle Memory Technologies 
- Khan
Near Memory Processing
- Khan
GPUs and Accelerators
- Khan
Computer Architecture and Systems - Skadron and Stan
GPUs and Accelerators - Skadron and Stan
Power-thermal-aware design - Skadron and Stan

Computer and Information Security

Privacy Preserving Applications  - Evans


Computer Vision and Image Processing

Image & Video Analysis - Acton and Weller
Image data science - Rohde
Computational Visual Recognition. - Romain

Cyber-physical Systems

Design of medical cyber-physical systems - Alemzadeh
Safety, Reliability and Security of Cyber-Physcial Systems
- Alemzadeh
- Bezzo
An Expedition in Computing for Compiling Functional Physical Machines - Bezzo
Self Powered Systems for the Internet of Things
- Calhoun
REEact System Research
- Davidson
Safety, Reliability and Security of Cyber-Physcial Systems - Feng
Body Sensor Networks - Lach
Center for Wireless Health - Lach and Stankovic
Cyber Physical Systems
- Stankovic
Internet of Things - Stankovic
Ultra-Large-Scale Systems - Sullivan

Cyber-Social Learning Systems

Data science and machine learning

Machine learning and Natural Language Processing - Chang
Statistical Machine Learning - Gu
Machine Learning and Biomedicine - Qi
Image data science - Rohde
Data mining and information retrieval - Wang

Dependable, Resilient and Reconfigurable Computing

Safety and Security Validation - Alemzadah

Embedded Systems, wireless sensor networks

Body Sensor Networks and Batteryless Wireless Sensors - Calhoun
Center for Wireless Health
- Lach and Stankovic
Wireless Sensor Networks - Stankovic
Smart Buildings - Whitehouse

Energy and Power management

Ultra Low Power Systems - Calhoun
HotSpot Technology - Skadron
High-Performance Low Power - Stan
SpinTop Computing - Stan
Energy and Heat Management - Zebarjadi


High performance computing

High-performance parallel computing - Grimshaw

Mobile, Distributed and Cloud Computing

Cloud Auto-scaling - Humphrey
Pervasive Communications Laboratory - Shen

Networks and Internet

Grid computing - Grimshaw
Modularity & Economics - Sullivan
High-Speed Networks - Veeraraghavan
Crowdsourcing System - Weaver

VLSI; System-on-chip; low-power design

Energy Efficient Circuits - Calhoun