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Computer Engineering Alumni who have Completed a PhD since the Graduate Program was Approved in 2004.

PhDs Awarded

Year PhD Awarded To Advisor Dissertation Title First Job
Out of School
2016 Kevin Leach Wes Weimer Transparent System Introspection in Support of Analyzing Stealthy Malware Dept. of CS, UVA Post-Doc
  Wei Zhang John Lach Scrutinizing Resource Utilization for High Performance and Low Energy Computation

Samsung Research America

2015 Philip Asare

John Lach/ John Stankovic

A Framework for Reasoning about Patient Safety of Emerging Computer-Based Medical Technologies Bucknell University
  Lukasz Szafaryn Kevin Skadron Understaning and Optimizing Heterogeneous Soft-Error Protection AMD
  Runjie Zhang Kevin Skadron Pre-RTL On-chip Power Delivery Modeling and Analysis Oracle
  Yuchen Zhou Dave Evans Improving Security and Privacy of Integrated Web Applications Palo Alto Networks
2013 Saad Arrabi John Lach Maximizing Energy Efficiency through Vertically integrated Dynamic Reconfigurability AMD Research
  Jie Li Veeraraghavan Advances in Inter-domain Networking Microsoft
  Zhenzhen Yan Veeraraghavan Traffic Engineering in Packet/Circuit Hybrid Networks Seagate
  Sudeep Ghosh Davidson Software Protection via Composable Process-level Virtual Machines Microsoft
  Chenguang Xu Wilson Two-way Data Exchange in Satellite Communication MicroStrategy
  Michael Boyer Skadron Rate Matching to Improve the Performance and Energy Efficiency of GPU Systems AMD Research
2012 Chris Gregg Hazelwood A Data and Contention Aware Approach to Dynamic Scheduling for Heterogeneous Processors Active Duty, Navy
  Shuai Che Skadron Understanding and Optimizing the Performance of Heterogeneous Systems AMD Research
  Jiawei Huang Lach A Digital System Design Methodology for Efficiency-Quality Tradeoffs Using Imprecise Hardware NVIDIA Research
  Mark McGinley Veeraraghavan On Providing Fair Circuit/Virtual-Circuit Networking Services Government
2011 Nishant George Lach Modeling and Mitigating Transient Faults in Nanoscale Digital Systems Intel Research
  Satyanand Nalam Calhoun Circuit and CAD Solutions for optimal SRAM design in nanoscale CMOS SRAM Group at Intel
2010 Apala Guha Soffa Memory Optimization of Dynamic Binary Translators for Embedded Platforms Intel Research
2009 Scott Bingham Lach Fault Coverage Analysis of Integrated Circuit Designs Through Assertion-Based Verification and Fault Injection (ABVFI) Northrop-Grumman
  David Tarjan Skadron Efficient Throughput Cores for Asymmetric Many Core Porcessors NVIDIA Research
2008 Karsten Nohl Evans Implementable Privacy for RFID Systems Security Research Labs, Berlin
  Ganesh Pai Dugan Probablistic Software Quality Assessment NASA Ames Research Center
2006 Yangyang Yu Johnson The Quantitative Safety Assessment for safety-critical Computer Systems Powerwave Technologies
2005 Hichem Boudali Dugan A Temporal Bayesian Network Reliability Modeling and Analysis Framework
University of Twente
  Vijay Kumar Vinu Lach Application Specific Small-Scale Reconfigurability Texas Instruments Research Lab

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